Art, Music, hobbies and healthy activities.

Let’s face it. If you spent enough time  critically thinking on Religious Issues, Mental Health Issues and Political Issues you will need to balance that out with something to reduce stress and anxiety from dealing with Religion, Politics  and Mental disorders. Doing things that bring us satisfaction and pleasure. A healthy dose of exercise, maybe walk your dog or go to the gym. Some of us are lucky if we enjoy the work we choose to earn living others may work to pay the bills and live to enjoy a hobby and relax with a good book. Some medicate themselves with drugs and alcohol. A healthy sexual relationship is a plus. However getting stoned, drunk and having sex with a person with a personality disorder may give short term release, but long term stress and anxiety. And of course, we all probably have some comfort foods which of course will need to balance out by a trip to the gym. Art and music are great to top off any activity. In fact this last year I even bought a new trumpet after a 47-year break since I last played in High School. I also enjoy photography.  The following are a few of my favourites. I hope they will bring balance to your life after viewing my Religious, Political and Mental Health sections.

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