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I was born and raised in rural South Dakota. My grandparents are of Scandinavian decent. My father’s dad immigrated here from Norway. Both my parents came from large families who settled in the Midwest USA.
From an early age I have always been curious about how things work. I am continually analyzing everything, my favorite subjects in school were math, science and industrial arts. I also enjoyed art and music. I also liked variety and preferred short projects rather than continually doing the same thing. Maybe I picked this up from growing up on a farm with the routine changes from season to season then repeating again next year along with a few new projects to fill in the slow periods. After high school I attended college for two years undecided on what career I wanted to commit 40 years of my life to, I took a 20 year break to farm on the family farm before returning to school in Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and worked in the HVAC/R  sheet metal trades. I also added photography taking classes with the Professional Photographers of America and doing photography as a sideline. I originally established Artistic Connection to display my wife Vicki and my Artistic interests also doing a few websites of my own and a few others. I have discovered that art and music have played an important role in the development of our society.  Art and Music have also been a valuable source for recorded history and documenting change.

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When it comes to art most people choose things that they find pleasing. When we apply that artistic connection to life we also prefer things that we find  pleasing. Unfortunately not all that we find is pleasing. In fact there is much in life that is very disturbing especially when it comes to human behavior.

I have created a menu to help break this complex topic into the building blocks of life including Religion, politics, mental health along with a list of various books and videos from a variety of sources. I also have included a timeline of videos and articles of our current state of the union. These are but a few of the many sources from which I will attempt to share my thoughts and opinions on the following pages that I will be adding to this blog. In the mean time enjoy reading the books that I have listed along with their links to where to find them to purchase for yourself. I have also listed numerous YouTube videos for you to watch or links to articles to read. Enjoy and leave a comment if you desire to. I hope you enjoy my blog.

I will eventually be moving my reference and recommended reading links to my website and limiting my blog to most current pages and comments as my blog progresses please bare with me as I catalog and organize my blog.

Thank you for subscribing and hopefully commenting on my blog, feedback is welcome.

Robert S. Hausvik