Our Beliefs and Religion

Let’s start by establishing what a Belief System is.

Belief Systems: what they are and how they affect you. Your belief system is the invisible force behind your behaviour. Together with other factors such as your personality, your genetic setup and your habits, your belief system is one of the strongest forces that affect any decision that you are making.

Each person and each group of people has their own belief system. As we experience life’s journey we develop a core set of values based on how we have learned to successfully interact with our environment and how we cope with problems that we deal with each day.

Individual beliefs vs the common beliefs of a group of people. This is where life becomes more complicated. Each person has special needs and desires and most humans function more effectively as team players with the exception of the small percentage that make life more difficult for everyone else.  We have come to associate those people who either have trouble interacting and functioning well with the common group as people with personality disorders. Each of us has a mixture of personality traits that influence our behaviour and our coping skills and problem-solving abilities. We each have strengths and weaknesses which define our needs as an individual and as a member of our social group.