Current State of our Union

Jan 29, 2019:     Well the associates of Donald Trump are being indicted one by one as the Mueller Investigation closes in on the Donald Trump Crime Family. Slowly Trumps base is shrinking how ever perhaps not quickly enough as the RNC has already endorsed Donald Trump for a 2020 re-election, something that usually doesn’t happen until after the primaries. So what does this say do they actually want Donald Trump to stay in office or are they hoping the Democrats will be left to repair the damages done by a corrupt GOP and Donald Trump’s Administration.  Only to blame the Democrats for the pending disaster of the Trump administration the same way they did Barack Obama for the 2008 crash created by the Bush administration. Luckily the Democrats held strong and Donald Trump re opened our government for 3 weeks after his shut down for his Border Wall which no one actually wanted but was a campaign promise influenced by Roger Stone to keep Donald Trump focused on immigration during the campaign. Roger Stone was arrested on Friday one more of the Trump associates to bite the dust.

Robert Mueller is said to be very good at his job, however when he was head of the FBI during the Sept 11th attacks he failed for some reason and dropped the ball along with the CIA and other Bush Administration task forces to address the true story behind the attacks, which lead to an excuse to attack the wrong countries and ignoring Saudi Arabia participation. Could Oil and Arms Sales be the reason that Saudi Arabia has been given a pass. Let’s hope the Mueller Investigation actually follow through this time and doesn’t just jail a few small fish to protect the real sharks attacking our country.  A handful of terrorists didn’t take down the World Trade center and the Pentagon with planes along they had inside help and Donald Trump is not smart enough to pull off his election without outside help. Donald Trump is nothing more than a cult leader and a useful idiot to outside help.

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Published on Aug 14, 2018 I really miss George Carlin this is one of many of his most insightful pieces of work that still apply today.

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The economic scum has risen to the top with Donald Trump. We must remove Donald Trump however he is only a result of a bigger problem of the wealth being funneled to less than the top 1% of society.

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So why is the GOP working so hard to put this scumball into the Supreme Court? I mean really don’t tell us that Brett Kavanaugh is the best you have to offer, it looks like you all have something that you are trying to hide and you want this scumball on your team. Then again why should we expect anything better from a political party that put America’s biggest Loser “Donald Trump” in the White House.

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When someone so dangerous as Donald Trump runs for the highest office of our nation, that Psychologists warn all of our congress and senate of the impending danger and he still becomes President of the United States our nation is in a state of national crisis. However no one this stupid and deranged could accomplish this without help.
Donald Trump is not the only Narcissist in our nation he has lots of company however no one was prepared for someone as Malignantly Narcissistic as Donald Trump to get this far. Narcissism alone is not a bad trait if balanced out with an equal dose of Empathy like most healthy well balanced people exhibit. A lot of public officials have a generous dose of Narcissism however some are more than a few points off center and lacking in Empathy for those who don’t share their common interests. At some point the back scratching becomes back stabbing and all hell breaks loose.












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  1. I remember back in school history and government class and my impression of what kind a person the President of the United State needed to be and Donald Trump doesn’t even come close. I remember thinking about all of the hours the President would have to spend reading and studying each bill that came to him for approval, most very complex and pages long. Donald Trump doesn’t even want to read his daily security briefings and we know he is not going to spend time reading the bills he signs. Would someone please hand him his resignation papers and have him sign it. Make sure that a confession of all his crimes against society are included.

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