Democratic Socialists of America

Democratic Socialists of America

Dear Robert,

Have you heard? This Labor Day weekend, DSA reached 50,000 members!

I want to take a second to reflect on just how remarkable that is. In the last year, we’ve doubled in size. That’s because more and more people understand that even in this dark time, we can build a democratic socialist future for all of us.

I’m excited to reach 50,000 members. And we’re going to keep on growing strong. In honor of this milestone, we want to celebrate those who got us here. Enjoy this Means of Production video of 93-year-old Selma Goode, a longtime DSAer and community organizer from Detroit.

It’s fitting that we reached this milestone over the Labor Day weekend. We celebrate Labor Day because brave workers organized and fought for their rights. And DSAers like you and Selma are continuing the fight today. Here’s to 50,000 more Selmas!

In solidarity,

Maria Svart
DSA National Director

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How can we afford Bombs and War expansion plans but not Medicare for All ?


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