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New World Order, JFK assassination and 911 all have numerous stories that connects Bush Family and the Clintons and Ronald Reagan. I am not going to say that these stories are totally false or totally true. When you consider that psychopaths make up 1% of our population and that most of them are not murdering bastards at least not directly they benefit from their lack of empathy and conscience by seeking positions of power and manipulate the rest of us by becoming CEOs and management in our government, our businesses and law enforcement. Unlike people like Donald Trump they are very good at blending in and planning their corruption. Unfortunately this makes them harder to catch and they are also willing to enable someone like Donald Trump to slip throw the system because he has a long history of purchasing favors from these People. A successful psychopath and a Malignant Narcissist Sociopath like Donald Trump have many things in common but Donald Trump is unstable and a ticking time bomb with no self control. The psychopath will do ruthless business deals but they are not sloppy and impulsive like someone like Donald Trump. Hopefully the political psychopaths will find a way to remove Donald Trump before he become too powerful to stop peacefully. Donald Trumps cult following has already become dangerous with acts of violence.



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