State of the Union Aug 11, 2018

Well I suppose it is time to actually make a statement to follow all of the videos and books I have recommended.

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  1. I wish I could have started my Blog before Donald Trump entered the Political Arena but who the hell seriously thought that anyone would have taken him seriously. I do admit there was a time in my life when I wondered why we didn’t elect a businessman to the White House. Of course Donald Trump would not have been my choice of a representative as a successful businessman. What I consider to be a successful businessman is a person who built a business up from the ground floor and had actively had a hands on participation in almost if not every part of that business. Then as it grew added partners and hired and trained people to help expand the business. He would also be a person who cared about the quality of his product and the value it provided to his customers. This person would also care about contributing to society and that his business was a positive influence on the future of mankind and the world. Someone who added value to his product without taking unfair advantage at the expense of others. I am not really fond of businesses that profit at the expense of others misfortune. Yes economy of scale is good for efficient use of resources but not when it provides greedy corporations an unfair advantage over their competition allowing them to undercut the prices and force their competitors out of business and then under paying their workers with low wages when they are making massive profits and not sharing the success of their business with the people who made it possible. I am not impressed by selfish greedy people. I don’t respect an employer or manager who would ask an employee to do a job that he wouldn’t do himself and then underpay them for doing it.

  2. So here we have Donald Trump who brags about being a Smart, successful businesses man. Well he was the Son of a successful businessman and he did work in his fathers business, but daddy did have to bail sonny out on his projects and the ones that did survive did so with some shady business practices. Donald also liked taking credit for the success of others including his own father claiming his fathers assets as his own to get bank loans. For more details on how Donald Trump built his business of promoting the Trump Brand and his Real Estate holdings watch some of the Documentaries and Books I have listed in the recommended section of my blog.

  3. Lets face it folks Donald Trump is a professional Liar and selling a lie is his main business. Now that Robert Mueller is closing in on and starting to prosecute Donald Trumps crooked business associates, soon Donald will not be able to continue to hide his deception of the public, the voters, his shady business practises and hopeful reveal his long list of people who he cheated and got away with it because they couldn’t afford to manage the high cost of legal fees to sue him for cheating them.

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